DJI Counterweight - how does it work?

Will the DJI Counterweight work with Original Lenses? 

The Osmo will certainly work with our original lenses. 

When the original lenses are used with a mounting plate on any device, use the  50g counterweight

When using a standard sized phone in an original photo case use the  50g counterweight

When using a plus-sized phone in an original case use the  100g counterweight.

When using an original lens + adapter on new case use weight for that phone stated on the product page. Plus-sized phones use the  100g counterweight, and standard sized phones use the 50g counterweight.

Which DJI Counterweight should I buy?

You can also check out the end of  this video for a detailed breakdown of what counterweight you'll need for your setup!

Do you support the DJI Osmo 2? 

Looking at the new Osmo Mobile 2, we can see that the arm (the area where the counterweight mounts) is different enough in shape to the current Osmo Mobile that our counterweight will not be compatible with the new device. We will be making a new counterweight to fit the Osmo Mobile 2, check back in the future for updates on this!

Does the DJI work with the iPhone 7/8 Plus? 

Our photo cases for the iPhone 7+ and iPhone 8+ do in fact work with the DJI Osmo Mobile. It is a tight press fit and you must insert the phone from the open end with the jaws of the Osmo opened up all the way. We often shoot with this setup and haven't had a problem with our Osmo, phone, or the photo case. One thing to note is that its helpful to brace the jaw area with your other hand while you push the phone in so that it goes in straight. The iPhone 7/8 Plus paired with our photo case will use the 100g counterweight.

Check out the end of  this video and we'll walk you through how to put your 7+/8+ photo case in the Osmo Mobile.

Lastly, the iPhone 7/8 Plus Battery Photo Case will not fit in the Osmo Mobile due to the size constraints of from how the Osmo Mobile was designed.

Why can't I get my Osmo Mobile to balance? 

First, have you pre-balanced the Osmo when powered off with the counterweight, phone, and lens using the instructions in the counterweight box?  

Additionally, have you activated the DJI Osmo Mobile with the DJI go app? When first taken out of the box DJI requires that the Osmo be activated by a phone with the DJI go app installed. You should only have to do this once, from there on you can use the Osmo by simply turning it on with a phone using any app you wish.  

Next, the Osmo mobile has a sensor that detects whether a phone is present in the device. Sometimes under certain lighting conditions, this sensor does not sense that a phone is present by the way the light does or doesn't reflect off of our cases. The solution for this is to open the DJI Go app, connect your gimbal, and in the lower right-hand corner click the small gear to access settings. When in settings select gimbal, then scroll down to the bottom to find "mobile device check" and uncheck this slider. From now on the gimbal will power up regardless of if it senses a device. You can switch this on and off as often or as infrequently as you'd like when you have the DJI Go app open. 

Lastly, if you don't have the DJI Go app installed A quick fix for this is to take a piece of colored tape and cover the small sensor where the phone mounts, this will trick the sensor so that it senses a phone is present since it's not recognizing your device. We've checked with DJI and this is perfectly ok to do and won't have detrimental effects on your Osmo.

What are the DJI counterweight product specs?

Pixel Photo Case: 26.2 grams
Pixel XL Photo Case: 31.7 grams
Pixel 2 Photo Case: 31 grams
Pixel 2 XL Photo Case: 40 grams
iPhone 6 Photo Case: 32.4 grams
iPhone 6 Original Photo Case: 53 grams
iPhone 6+ Photo Case: 42.2 grams
iPhone 6+ Original Photo Case: 65 grams
iPhone 7/8 Photo Case: 33.9 grams
iPhone 7+/8+ Photo Case: 46 grams
iPhone 7/8 Battery Photo Case: 109.9 grams
iPhone 7+/8+ Battery Photo Case: 149.5 grams
Samsung S8 Photocase: 28.4 grams
Samsung S8+ Photocase: 32.9 grams
Mount plate (any): about 3 grams
Original Wide Lens: 45 grams
Original Tele Lens: 50 grams
Original Superfish Lens: 55 grams
Original Macro Lens: 40 grams
New Wide Lens: 76.2 grams 
New Tele Lens: 50 grams
New Superfish Lens: 54.7
New Macro Lens: 39.1 grams

In terms of gimbal payload, keep in mind that raw numbers for weight are only part of the equation. A big factor is where that weight is placed and the leverage it has over the axis of the gimbal. For instance, when using a Moment Lens the weight is placed away from the central axis giving it a fair amount of leverage. Thus we recommend using a counterweight as well to ensure optimum performance for your gimbal. Here's a  link to our DIY tutorial on how to make your own counterweight.

Does the Smooth Q work?

We've been primarily using our lenses with the DJI Osmo but have tested out the Smooth Q to shoot this recent video. You will have to add a counterbalance, but it does work great with Moment lenses and our Photo Case (the clip on their product only works with thin phone cases so our Battery Case is too thick). Watch this video to see our DIY counterbalance for the Osmo... should be the same idea for the Smooth Q. A good rule of thumb for which weight to use is if you are using a plus-sized phone aim for 100 grams and if you are using a standard sized phone aim for 50 grams.

Will the DJI Counterweight work with other gimbals?

Unfortunately, the counterweight only works with the DJI Osmo Mobile. The roll axis arm, area that the counterweight attaches to, on the Osmo is unique to DJI's gimbal. Other arms are different enough in shape that the counterweight cannot fit onto it to lock into place and properly do its job.  

However, a great counterweight solution for another gimbal is to put together your own. Check this DIY  video showing how to make one for the DJI Osmo before we made our counterweight. A good rule of thumb for which weight to use is if you are using a plus-sized phone aim for 100 grams and if you are using a standard sized phone aim for 50 grams.

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