There There Festival FAQs

How old do I have to be to enter the contest?

You must be 18 years or older BEFORE submitting.

Is the contest open internationally?

Yes! And if you are selected as one of 16 finalists, we will fly you to Joshua Tree, CA for the three-day festival. 

Hold up, I can submit a photo from any camera of my choice?

Yes! That’s right. You can submit a photo shot on any camera you want, it doesn’t have to just be your phone this time. Whether it be your DSLR, your dad’s point and shoot, a drone, or a disposable — just make the image look good. ;)

How do I enter my photo to the contest?

Buckle up. After you've taken and edited your photo...

  1. Post your photo to your Instagram feed (can be posted within the last 12 months). Your account MUST be public. Add a caption telling us what makes the place you took this photo special. 
  2. Click “Add Location” and tag the location where the photo was taken.
  3. Include #ThereThereFestival and @moment in the caption.
  4. Tag the following 10 brands in your image: @artifactuprising, @theartifox, @breaker_bags, @moment, @passionpassport, @steepedcoffee, @syrp_, @tinyatlasquarterly, @wayward, @pioneertownmotel.
  5. Head over to our website and hit the red "submit your shots" button. Complete the form that pops up—we’ll ask you for the Instagram link and a little information about you and the photo spot. Once you submit, you’ll get a confirmation that we received it.

What if I don’t have an Instagram account?

C’mon! This is 2019. Make yourself an account for this contest and submit regardless. Followers don’t mean anything here. ;)

When do I submit my image by?

Submit before August 20, 2019 at 11:59pm PST. Not a minute late!

How many photos can I enter?

You can only submit ONE photo per category. There are four categories total.

What are the four categories?

We created four categories that we’d be stoked about as photographers. Ones that challenge us and let us go past the standard travel photo to really capture the spirit of the place (and the adventure).

  1. Go Far - The hidden gem you found by veering off the beaten path.
  2. Impossible Shot - A perspective you still can’t believe you captured. 
  3. Humanity - Where the people, culture, and life experiences meet.
  4. Natural World - The power and tranquility of earth and its flora & fauna.

So, I won. Do I have to go to the festival?

Yes! Unless there is an emergency, you must agree to attend the festival from September 23rd - 25th at Pioneertown Motel in Joshua Tree, California. In order for this festival to be successful, we require cooperation and participation from all contestants. 

I took a great photo two years ago, can I submit that?

No ma'am! The image must have been shot within the last 12 months and the metadata couldn’t have been altered.

I want to submit a photo that’s won a contest before. Is that allowed?

Nope. Your image is required to have not won any other contests. We wanna keep it fresh.

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