Pro Camera Android App Discontinued

We have some bad news about Pro Camera for Android. We love Android, but unfortunately, we don’t have the engineering bandwidth to continue developing this app. 

It breaks our heart to say this, but we’ve spent the last two years, yes two full years, trying to deliver a pro-level manual camera app. It should be simple, but unfortunately, it’s not. 

The short is that phone makers like to create their own flavor of Android, each with different amounts of access to select camera features. The result has been a random compatibility list where each phone has different features in the app by phone model. The problem only gets worse every time a new version of Android comes out because it breaks the custom modifications these phone makers have made with their phones.

Despite years of messaging phone makers to share their changes and make camera features available to us, we haven’t been able to change this culture. I wish we had dozens of engineers to continue developing this app, but we don’t.

The app is no longer live in the Play store at this time. If you are looking for a pro-level app we do recommend Filmic Pro. It is more expensive but they do a great job with the app. Davinci Resolve and Handbrake are two free options that also work great on PC/Mac

The team worked really hard on this product and it’s sad not to be able to continue our work on it. We do plan to develop more iOS apps as their platform is more robust and allows us to work on cool new features that customers are asking for.

Thank you for your support. 

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