Photo Cases - how does it work?

Why do I have to buy a Photo Case instead of a Mounting Plate?

We have two sets of lenses, New and Original. 

Original Lenses are our classic lenses designed three years ago that now support older devices. The aperture on these phones was smaller, therefore, the interface on the bottom of the lens was smaller, supporting the use of a mounting plate. When we started we didn't know what devices people would use so the mounting plate was the most elegant solution to work with or without a case.

New Lenses include a new interface on the bottom providing more strength and stability on the phone. Because the latest devices have a larger lens and aperture we were forced to redesign our interface, making it slightly larger. By doing this the metal on the plate was getting too thin and breaking. We realized the only reliable way to support the new phones was a case. Some of us aren't case users so we focused on created the thinnest, most reliable case we could that would support our lenses. It's hard to appreciate the case until you use it, but internally we've created a few non-case users to case users. ;-)

You can read this article for more detail about why we had to change the interface and move away from the plates.

What is the Photo Case made out of?

The inside of the  Photo Case is hard plastic (PC) for rigidity, the outside is a TPU rubber to provide grip and protection, and the inside is lined with a soft microfiber or textured plastic (depending on device). The black canvas or real walnut wood on the outside also provide some extra texture, improving grip.

Our newly updated Photo Cases for the Pixel 3/Pixel 3 XL as well as new iPhone XS series now utilize a stronger nylon/fiber blend for the lens mount, PC frame for rigidity and structure, soft TPU rubber for grip and protection, along with a new inner geometry to offer better drop protection for your device. On the backplates we've also added a real leather along with our standard black canvas and real walnut wood.

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