How does your trade in program work?

If you have any Original Moment Lenses, send them in we'll give you Moment in-store credit when they arrive so you can upgrade to our new lineup of gear. This page outlines the details of our Trade-In Program:

Moment Trade-In Program

If you're looking at our new Photo Case or Battery Case, the best option is to also upgrade your lenses to the new system. This is the only solution that will provide the great results Moment is known for. 

If you did not know that we have two sets of lenses...New and Original, you can read more about the differences in this article.

Will the Trade-In Program end?

The Trade-In Program doesn't currently have an end date. We're in it for the long haul! 

Can I trade in V2 lenses or cases? 

Unfortunately, the Trade-In Program only currently works with Original Moment lenses. 

Can I trade in more than 4 lenses? 

Yes, you can trade in more than 4 lenses, however, each lens additional is still valued in increments of $25.00 dollars.

Can I receive a partial credit for cracked/broken lenses?

The Trade-In Program only accepts resell-able product. Lenses with scratches just aren't resell-able. Moment is not responsible for returning unacceptable units or products that are denied by the trade-in program.

What happens if my product is denied for trade-in?

If your product is broken, cracked, or deemed unacceptable for trade-in...we can recycle it for you or send it back. We do require that you cover the shipping costs back if you want us to send it back.

Can I use my credit towards anything in the store?

Yes, the in-store credit is designed to work with any product in the Moment store however, it cannot be stacked with additional coupons codes.

How long does it take for me to receive my credit?

Trade-in’s will be processed on a weekly basis. Please allow 7-10 business days from when your product is received for your trade-in to be processed.

Can I trade in an original lens with a lens adapter attached?

Yes, original lenses with lens adapters mounted on are completely acceptable.

Can I receive cash for my trade-in instead of credit?
Unfortunately, we cannot issue cash for trade-ins.

I bought my Moment lenses from a different site, can I still trade in my stuff?

Absolutely! You don’t need to purchase your lenses directly from our site in order to trade them in. Whether you bought them from Amazon, B&H, or even a family or friend, as long as your lens is in good condition, we’ll take it!

I just bought my Original lenses recently; they are barely used. Can I get more than $25? 

All lenses still follow the same 30-day return policy. Whether you purchased your lenses three months or three years ago, there will not be an extra trade in value for newly bought lenses. If you are looking to resell your product at full cost, the Trade-In Program may not be right for you. We recommend using third-party sites if you are looking to resell rather than trade-in.

Does my trade-in coupon code expire?

Yes, all coupon codes expire after 90 days. If you are having problems with your coupon code, please contact our support.

What is an unacceptable trade in? 
  • Scratched glass
  • Cracked glass
  • Dented or folded in lens hood
  • Stripped bayonet where lens attaches
  • Water spots in lens element/glass
  • Significant cosmetic damage

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