Do you still offer a trade in program?

When our New Lenses were introduced in 2017 we offered a trade-in program to help our customers upgrade to our new lineup of gear. Recently we have discontinued the trade-in program. We operated the program at a loss as a convenience for customers, and over time found that you can get a similar credit through community resale which made much more sense especially for our international customers. 

Thank you for your support, and if you have any questions about our original or new lens systems we're happy to help!

New Cases and Lenses

If you're looking at our new Photo Case or Battery Case, the best option is to also upgrade your lenses to the new system. This is the only solution that will provide the great results Moment is known for. 

If you did not know that we have two sets of lenses...New and Original, you can read more about the differences in this article.

When did the Trade-In Program end?

The Trade-in Program ended in April 2018.

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