What to do if my order is returned to sender?

United States/International 

So sorry your order failed delivery and returned to our warehouse. The easiest way to resend your order is to have you place a new one. This way we don't make errors trying to manually make you an order or trade several emails trying to get everything we need. 

Please reach out to us with your order number so that we can refund your order (less shipping costs). Keep in mind we get charged return shipping charges when the order doesn't arrive. We are eating some of these costs for you so hopefully, you're able to make a new order and get the gear. We would hate to see you leave.


Thankfully in Canada, our 3PL has a local warehouse so your order is waiting there for us to resend it. Please, double check the address is correct on your order and then contact us with your order number and any updates and we will get that resent to you. 

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