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If you haven't already, you'll want to check out our Getting Started page for the Moment App, which we've thoughtfully curated with the best tips for getting up to speed with your new gear:

Moment App Getting Started

What do all the icons on the toolbar do?

CASE - Allows you to connect one of our shutter-enabled cases via Bluetooth.

Empty Circle Symbol - Allows you to select a lens of ours so the lens is saved in your photo's metadata. Change this at any time to have this up to date depending on the lens.

Lightning Bolt Symbol - Toggles the camera flash on, flash off, flash automatic (when 'A' is to its top right).

Square Symbol - Allows you to take a square cropped photo (you will see the single square outline), hit it again and it will provide a grid to help you frame your shot (whole frame), and hit it once more and it will remove this and shoot full frame.

Timer Symbol - will allow you to select a 3 second or 10-second delay (this number will be displayed)

JPEG/TIFF/RAW - Toggles between the file output for the image type you choose.

Filled Circle Symbol - that when selected has a larger circle inside is 3D Shutter. 3D Shutter means that you can force press the button on the screen to take the picture instead of tapping. iPhone 6s and up come equipped with 3D touch.

Why am getting a black screen when putting a lens over the dual lens of my iPhone 7/8 Plus or iPhoneX?

The iPhone automatically switches back and forth between the 2 iPhone lenses. When zooming (and maybe other parameters like low light) the phone will switch to the other lens on its own, and it's black because it's covered by the Moment lens. A way to work around this is to use the  Moment Camera App. Using our app will allow you to select the iPhone lens you want the camera to use and not automatically switch between the two. If your camera view is black, tap the icon circled in the graphic to switch to the other lens mode. The setting that controls this can be seen below:

Why can't I see the RAW/DNG option in my toolbar?

The reason why you aren't seeing RAW as a capture option is most likely because you are in Dual Lens mode. You must have either the Wide Lens (1x) or Telephoto Lens (2x) mode selected to capture photos in RAW. To see the toolbar button that changes this mode, see the graphic above.

Why are my RAW images being sent as JPEG?

If you are exporting out images from Apple's native Photos app, the RAW images will always get sent as JPEGs. You want to make sure to export the images out from the Moment App's gallery and share to a source that supports RAW files.  For example, Airdropping a RAW file from the Moment Gallery to a Mac will send over a RAW file.

Why can't I connect my photo case to the app?

If you're using our new Photo Case it actually does not have any electrical components and therefore doesn't connect to the App. The case connection is a feature available with our Original Photo Case and Battery Photo Case. 

Tried these solutions and still need help?  

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