Slow Shutter Mode

In version 3.10.0 of the Pro Camera app, we introduced a third capture mode... Slow Shutter.

It’s how you add the illusion of motion to your photography. Set your tripod, open the shutter, and stop when you have the shot. The end result is a new kind of Live Photo that you can review on your phone and then export as a beautiful photo or short video. 

Like everything we do with Pro Camera, we give you the manual control to pick your type of blur and then select how long you expose the shot. We have two kinds of image blur -- Motion Blur and Light Trails.

The slowest shutter speed iPhones offer by default is S 1/4, which is not very long for long exposures. This is why we've created a feature that uses image stacking and blending behind-the-scenes to achieve a long-exposure effect. With this, we were able to give you the two options of Motion Blur and Light Trails for achieving different slow shutter results.

Let's get started.

Keep your phone steady. If you haven't yet, check out our ultimate set for shooting Slow Shutter and save $15. 

First and foremost, it's important that your phone is steady and mounted to a tripod to minimize camera shake, which will be otherwise visible in your slow shutter shots. We also recommend using a bluetooth remote so that you don't accidentally cause camera shake when you tap the capture button. A couple of alternatives to a bluetooth remote are to use the Pro Camera app on your Apple Watch as a remote shutter, or enable Timed Shot mode in the Pro Camera app so that the shutter fires 3 or 10 seconds after you hit the capture button.

Access Slow Shutter Mode. Tap the Capture Mode switcher in the lower-right corner of the app and select Slow Shutter mode. 

The first option you'll see is Motion Blur. 

Motion Blur adds a smooth motion blur affect, it can be used to emphasize the path of moving subjects or to smooth running water. 

Here are some examples of photos captured with our Motion Blur feature:

The next option is Light Trails.

Light Trails draws streams of light coming from moving subjects in the scene; it can be used to capture trails of cars on a night highway or the chaotic path of exploding fireworks.

Here are some examples of photos captured with our Light Trails feature:

Click here to learn more about how to create sick light trails in your photos.

Live Photos

When you’re done, we save your images to your camera library as a Live Photo. 

In the Moment Pro Camera app gallery, if you're viewing a Slow Shutter image full-screen, press and hold the image to replay the exposure, or tap the share button in the lower-left corner to share it as a single photo, or export it as a short video...all from a single file.

As a bonus, since these are saved as Live Photos, you can use Apple's Photo's app to create animations:

Tag your shots #shotonmoment to be featured.

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