How good is your service?

Get personalized recommendations from a professional photographer or filmmaker. Meet Moment's Gear Guides.

Which Gear Guide is right for me? 

Buying new gear can be exhausting to research on your own. We have talented photographers and filmmakers to help you make the right decision. From concert photography to lifestyle and portraits, find which Gear Guide shares your personal interests here

How good is your service? 

Our Gear Guides are always available to help answer any of your questions or concerns. We take pride in responding to your inquiries as quickly as we can but we also make sure to take the time we need to get you taken care of. Here are some recent data on our service times and happiness scores just to prove how serious we are about servicing our community. 

Average First Response Time 

The average amount of time a customer is waiting for their first reply from our team. 

last updated (4/26/23)

Average Happiness Score

This metric is calculated by compiling all of our ratings left by our customers and subtracting the NOT GOOD percentage from the GREAT percentage.

last updated (4/26/23)

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