Moment Squad Dashboard Tutorial

Moment Squad Dashboard Tutorial

Once approved to the Moment Squad you’ll have access to our dashboard to quickly create affiliate sharing links for our catalog of gear, lessons, & travel. This is also where you’ll be paid for your referrals, so be sure to save the portal link and your login info.

Moment Portal ->

When logging in you’ll be brought to your dashboard. While this can look like a lot of information, once broken down it’s easy to navigate around and quickly create the links you need.

Dashboard Breakdown

  1. Search tool for searching pre-built ads, your affiliate notifications, quick link builder & help if needed 
  2. Manage your account settings such as payout, notifications, & preferences
  3. The snapshot is a quick way to see your affiliate performance at a high-overview
  4. To help make posting easier for you, you’ll get pre-built ads from the Moment team for our best deals & newest drops. This section of the dashboard is perfect for searching or browsing for ads you can promote by clicking “Get Code”
  5. Deeper reports to explore performance by product brand, day, action listings & even set up scheduled reports.
  6. This dropdown gives you all the tools available for promoting or requesting ads. More on this in How to Build Links (Coming Soon)
  7. Explore our catalog of gear and create links by product.
  8. When first joining be sure to fill out your withdrawal settings. No payments can be sent until this is submitted.
  9. This is the fastest way to create an affiliate link. Simply paste the page of your choice and click “Create”. More on this in How to Build Links (Coming Soon)
  10. As a reminder, here are your contract terms. We try to always offer the highest rates for our Moment Squad, so you’ll see adjustments over time to introduce new brands & offerings.

The dashboard should now feel like a bit more familiar of a place. Be sure to check out our other articles or reach us at if you have any questions

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