How to get Paid

How to get Paid

Affiliate payouts are sent automatically at the same time each month. In this article, we’ll cover how to set up, manage, & understand your payment schedule.

How to Setup Payment

Upon your first login, you should see this announcement on your dashboard. This is the easiest way to set up your withdrawal info.

If you wish to adjust your withdrawal settings or do not see this message, then the settings icon at the very bottom left of your dashboard, then click “Settings”. From there you should see a finance section, with “Withdrawal Settings” as an option.

Simply fill out your withdrawal settings to be paid via direct deposit or Paypal, then your payment scheduling.

Understanding the Payment Schedule

At the bottom of your contract terms, you’ll see the payout schedule for gear, lessons, & trips. This is a great way to reference back to what your exact payout schedule is when needed.

The payment schedule occurs in three steps. Here is a breakdown of this process;

Action Locking - 30 Days after a tracked action (sale) occurs, the action is then locked to move onto invoicing. For trips, action locking occurs 7 days after the trip has started.

Invoicing - On the 18th of every month invoicing occurs. All of your approved locked actions are now being prepared for payment

Payout - 30 Days after the invoicing your payment will be sent via direct deposit or Paypal.

You should now have the control to know when and where you’ll be paid. If there are any questions or issues with payout, please reach us at

Tax Documents

Partners in the United States as well outside of the US are required to submit an electronic tax document in order to comply with US tax laws. Income earned on Impact does not have any taxes withheld from it. You'll be asked to fill out the required tax documents before your first pay-out, but to learn more about the different tax forms and the one you'll need to submit, head here

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