How to Build Links

How to Build Links

Sharing and building affiliate links for Moment is easier than you could imagine. In this article, we’ll cover a few ways of sharing Moment with your audience.

Building Quick-Links

From your dashboard, you can create a quick link via one of these two buttons.

Within these sections, all you need to do is paste the link of your choice in the blank field, then click create. This will generate a shortened version of the link which is set for affiliate sharing.

Sharing Ads

To make sharing even easier for you, the Moment team is set to constantly release new ads for our affiliates. When new deals, promos, or products are released on the site, our affiliates will be sent custom ads to their dashboard for use.

This includes banner ads, coupon ads, text links, video ads, & more. From the dashboard, you can search or see the most recent ads, or click the ads dropdown to explore more.

When clicking on the “Get Code” button beside an ad you’ll see all the details and links you’ll need for sharing.

Ad Tools

The “Ads” dropdown at the top of your dashboard has more tools to help to share ads.

From the dropdown, you have a few new options for ads, but the most common place to go is “Ads & Links” so you can further explore all of our pre-built ads.

The “Product Catalogs” option lets you explore our entire catalog of products. “Promo Codes” can be assigned to partners for specific promos/deals, in this section, you’ll see any assigned promo codes. Then, “Vanity Links” will let you manage your previously generated links.

The “Ad Results” option is a great way to communicate with us when there are more ads that may be needed. Simply follow through this option to request to the Moment team for any customized ads.

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