My order shows delivered but I don't have it?

Sometimes delivery scans can be made in error by the driver. If possible, we ask that you also check around the delivery address you provided just to triple-check it isn't there, a neighbor didn't grab it or it wasn't mistakenly delivered to them. Also make sure to check any surrounding areas of your property such as back doors, porches, or underneath patio decks as some drivers may deem these locations as safe for the parcel drop. If you live in an apartment complex we also recommend checking with the leasing office just in case they may have signed for your parcel.

If you're unable the locate the parcel within 24-48 hours after the initial delivery scan, please reach out to our team at so we may begin the claims process. Please keep in mind that we can only claim a lost parcel up to 7 business days after the original delivery scan. 

The forwarding service I used didn't receive my package. What do I do now?

We're very sorry to hear about your shipment issue. We're also unable to confirm whether or not it was received by the forwarding service which also makes it difficult to file claims with our carrier. Once the package has been tendered over to the forwarding provider, it is the responsibility of the recipient, to coordinate with them directly on updates regarding your package which includes any delays or loss. 
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