What is the process to file a claim under an Extend Protection Plan?

Extend makes it easy for you to file a claim either through the Extend call center at 877-248-7707 or online in the Extend Claims Portal. Here are the steps to get a replacement device:

  1. You’ll need to provide a contract ID, email address, or another piece of identifying information.
  2. Extend then validates your contract coverage by ensuring:
    • The protection plan is active.
    • The current date is between the Effective & Expiration dates.
    • The claim process questions are answered about the defective product. (Ex. when your product stopped working, what caused it to fail, what happened).
    • The high-level troubleshooting steps are offered.
  3. You will be issued a shipping label via email to return your defective device.
  4. Once the product is shipped, you will receive an approval confirmation email with a link to purchase a new device.
  5. You will be prompted to buy an Extend Protection Plan on the new device during the checkout process on our website.
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