Original Photo Case: I need help

If you haven't already, you'll want to check out our Getting Started page for the Original Photo Case, which we've thoughtfully curated with the best tips for getting up to speed with your new lenses:  

Getting Started with the Original Photo Case

How do I connect my case to my phone?

The case connects to your phone via Bluetooth using the  Moment App to connect. Please watch the 1st video on the Getting Started page for step by step instructions on how to connect your case to your phone.

What type of battery does my case take?

Your case uses CR-2032 coin cell batteries.

How do I get my case working with Apple's native camera app?

Go to the  Getting Started page and watch the 3rd video down for step by step instructions on how to update your cases firmware.  This update will allow you to use the cases shutter button to capture photos in your iPhone's native camera app.

My case is not connecting to my phone, what do I do?
  • Press the shutter button on the case, does the little white LED flash next to the shutter button?
  • If not, can you take the case out of the phone, remove the battery, put it back in. Does the LED flash white?
  • If the LED still does not blink, have you tried a new battery?
  • If the LED is white, try watching this video to make sure your Bluetooth and app settings are correct?

How do I attach a lens to the case?

Align the white dot (on the back of the lens) with the left side of your phone (looking at the back of the phone). Push lens into mount until it's seated well, then turn the lens a quarter turn so that the 'M' logo will be facing out towards the side of your case.

How do I attach a strap to my case?

We created this getting started video to show you how to use all of the Moment straps with your case. The best method to attach your strap is to grip the nylon loop tightly near the end and thread it through the strap attachment from the top.

Tried these solutions and still need help?  

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