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MagSafe® Accessories

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0:00 - Intro
0:24 - Cases
1:07 - Wall Mount (or The Stick-It-Anywhere Mount)
1:56 - Multi-Threaded Mount (Universal Mount)
2:18 - Car Vent Mount
2:44 - Cold Shoe Mount
3:46 - Tripod and Pro Tripod Mounts
5:03 - Limitations, FAQs, and Conclusion

You can never have enough MagSafe®. Inside the case we have included a magnet array that is compatible with MagSafe products.

From chargers to third-party products to our new Moment Mounts for iPhone 12…this case works out of the box with any products compatible with MagSafe. To give you the most confidence we have created our own mounts that have an even stronger magnet array so you don’t drop your phone. We have tripod mounts, cold shoe mounts, wall mounts, stick to anything mounts, and even car mounts. We take durability seriously. After all, what else is a good case for? Rated for drops up to 6 feet, these cases include additional internal shock-absorbing geometry to protect your phone. A series of ribs surround the phone and are specifically designed to direct force away from the device during an impact. We even leave room for you to apply a screen protector, giving you that extra comfort.

We’ve been working on perfecting bio-plastics that feel good, wear well, and reduce the use of petroleum-based plastics in your phone case. The thin case is made from a combo of polycarbonate and Bio-TPU, therefore it is not fully compostable, but does reduce the amount of petroleum-based plastic used compared to a standard phone case.

MagSafe - Woman holding coffee with the multithreaded mount. MagSafe - Woman holding coffee with the multithreaded mount. | placeholder
MagSafe - Woman holding the cold shoe mount. MagSafe - Woman holding the cold shoe mount. | placeholder

Frequently Asked Questions...

New to MagSafe? Us too, but that doesn’t mean you have to be without the knowledge. Heres are some FAQ we’ve received from customers, and hope these clarifications will help you:

Do I need a MagSafe case with magnets built in to use these mounts…

Yes. There’s a lot of cases out there that will have a charging system, but not the magnetic force needed to work properly, if at all, with our mounting systems.

Are the magnets with your various mounting systems stronger when using the iPhone case?

Yes. The magnetic force will be loads stronger with the use of a case, versus just your phone itself. We will always recommend using the case for guaranteed strength.

Do you have to have a Moment case when using your various mounting systems?

No. Any appropriate case compatible with MagSafe will work.

Will there be any blemishes on my case from your mounting systems?

Maybe. Expect your case to wear more easily from the added pressure of the magnets' force depending on your use. You might see a ring start to form on your case. We just want to be transparent.

MagSafe - Woman laughing using her tripod mount.
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