How does international customs work?

We have all international customers pay for customs costs at checkout. Customs will be calculated based on the products’ unique customs code and full price.

It is not an option to pay for customs costs upon delivery instead of checkout. This is because we are acting as the importer of record on your behalf and are billed for customs separately.

I want to pay customs directly, can I do this? 

If you are a registered business and can write off customs by acting as the importer of record we can not accept this, unfortunately. We can not help you get reimbursed for the customs on your order as we are the importer of record.

In some countries, there are laws around charging tax to tax-exempt businesses. Please note when you place an order on our site, you are placing it as an individual and not as a business as we can not accept tax-exempt orders from businesses and that is why you are being charged taxes. 

My country’s customs agency has reached out, what do I do?

Customs offices often double-check commodities coming into their country even though we provide all of the information required to pass through customs without any issues.

Provide the customs agent with any necessary information. You can find a copy of your sales receipt in the order confirmation email we send after you place an order.

If you are still having any issues passing customs please email us and we can help clarify any next steps.

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