International Orders

All of our international packages are shipped with FedEx Economy or Priority. Shipping fees, import duties and customs are calculated on a combined basis of weight, value, and destination. We have all international customers pay for customs costs at checkout. Customs will be calculated based on the products’ unique customs code and full price.

It is not an option to pay for customs costs upon delivery instead of checkout. This is because we are acting as the importer of record on your behalf and are billed for customs separately.

International Fulfillment

All of our international orders are shipped from our FedEx facility in California. Some items although available for purchase through our site, may not be available at our warehouse to fulfill your order. Your order will be held in Maintenance status until the out-of-stock item becomes available. Once your order is processed, you will receive a confirmation email of your order being prepared for shipment. If you need to make any changes to your order, please email us at

Fees & Shipping Cost

We use a third-party tool to calculate all shipping fees, import duties, and taxes during the checkout phase. In rare cases, your country has the right to inspect, re-evaluate the items shipped and request additional payment.  Original outbound shipping costs are nonrefundable

Customs Assessment

In rare cases, your country has the right to inspect, re-evaluate the items shipped and request additional payment. You can find a copy of your sales receipt in the order confirmation email we send after you place an order. We do not have control over customs fees and assessments. If you are still having any issues passing customs please email us and we can help clarify any next steps.

Refused or Returned To Sender Deliveries

If an order is refused or returned to us due to inaccurate or incorrect address information or because it was declined or marked as undeliverable, Moment reserves the right to retain the original shipping/handling fee and to charge the payment method originally used for costs we incur related to the return of the undeliverable packages or merchandise to us.

Paying Customs Directly

If you are a registered business and can write off customs by acting as the importer of record we can not accept this, unfortunately. We can not help you get reimbursed for the customs on your order as we are the importer of record.

In some countries, there are laws around charging tax to tax-exempt businesses. Please note when you place an order on our site, you are placing it as an individual and not as a business as we can not accept tax-exempt orders from businesses and that is why you are being charged taxes. 

Freight / Shipping Forwarding Services

We're very sorry to hear about your shipment issue. We're also unable to confirm whether or not it was received by the forwarding service which also makes it difficult for filing claims with our carrier. Once the package has been tendered over to the forwarding provider, it is the responsibility of the recipient, to coordinate with them directly on updates regarding your package which includes any delays or loss. 

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