Getting Started: Bluetooth Remote

Moment Bluetooth Remote

Pairing your Moment Bluetooth Remote

  1. First, flip the switch on the side of the remote to turn on
  2. The pairing light will begin to blink
  3. Open your Bluetooth settings on your device
  4. Click on the Moment Remote
  5. Your phone will ask you if you would like to pair, click pair
  6. Once successfully paired, open your phone's native camera app and press the button on the remote to take a photo or start/stop recording a video


  1. The light on the remote will quickly flash white when it is trying to pair
  2. When it is paired the light will only flash when the button is pushed
  3. On the phone, turn off Bluetooth then turn it back on
  4. Turn off the remote then turn it back on
  5. Make sure that the BT remote isn't paired to another device currently
  6. Replace the battery in the remote

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