Why is my tracking not updating?

Tracking can sometimes take a few days to update as it passes from one carrier to another, and this is a normal part of the shipping process. You can always access the latest tracking status by entering your e-mail and order number in our tracking portal here. If you keep the tracking portal open on a tab in your phones web browser, you will need to hit refresh to see the latest updated information.

International Shipping

What if my order is held in customs?

Some countries ask for import duties and taxes to be paid for upon arrival of receiving the parcel, which can sometimes cause an order to be delayed. Generally, the process for customs takes a few days, and the worst case is a few weeks. Unfortunately, we are not responsible for shipping delays due to customs. Estimated shipping timelines displayed at checkout will not factor in any delays from customs. 

If you don't see movement on your parcel feel free to contact us.

My order hasn’t moved in a few days, I think it’s lost!

If you think your order may be lost, we can reach out to our shippers and open an investigation claim for you. Typically, claims can take up to 14 business days (business days do not include Saturdays or Sundays) to hear back on a solution. During this time, we have to wait before we can send out a replacement or offer a refund. Often times, packages turn up and are delivered during the investigation process so we appreciate your patience during this window of time.

It’s been more than 20 days, what now?

If your package has not been delivered or updated even after the 20th business day, please reach out to our support team so we can open an investigation claim for your parcel. Please keep in mind that investigations do take 14 business days from the day the claim has been opened to hear back on a solution.

If a claim has been opened on my package, how long does it take?

Please allow 14 business days from when the claim was submitted before hearing back on a solution from our team. We will work as fast as we can with our shippers to try and get an update on your package.

Do I get a refund or replacement if my package is lost?

If our shippers conclude after the investigation that your package has been deemed lost in transit, a Moment representative will reach out to you and offer a replacement or refund for your order. 

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