Lens Caps - how do they work?

What is the difference between the small and large lens cap?

If you are buying our new lenses we have included a lens cap in the box. Keep in mind this lens cap isn't quite as nice as we learned customers would rather have a basic lens cap in the box than nothing at all.

If you are buying our original lenses, the lens caps are sold separately. You can find them on our website here. These standard lens caps also work with the New Tele, New Macro, and New Superfish Lens. To use the lens cap with the macro lens you must first remove the white diffuser hood for it to fit.

What if I lost my lens cap? 

If you've lost your New Wide Lens Cap, you can order another one (or a spare) here. This larger lens cap fits the New Wide Lens only. If you lost your New/Original Tele, New/Original Macro, New/Original Superfish, you can order another one (or a spare) here

Are the lens caps different from before?

Just as we redesigned our lenses, we also just redesigned our lens caps. Before, our lens caps used to have a microfiber cloth inside to protect the lens from a magnet in between the cloth and the cap. The lens caps used to be magnetic but they also used to be made of a harder plastic and sold separately at $4.99. In order to be more economical, we redesigned the lens caps so we could include one for free with the purchase of each lens. 

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