Battery Photo Case: I need help

If you haven't already, you'll want to check out our Getting Started page for the Battery Photo Case, which we've thoughtfully curated with the best tips for getting up to speed with your new gear: 

Getting Started with the Battery Photo Case 

How do I connect my case to my phone?

The case connects to your phone via the Apple lightning port on your phone and uses our Moment App.  Once you have the app downloaded, watch the 1st video on the Getting Started page for step by step instructions on how to get your new case up and running.

Why are my headphones not working when I plug them into the cases lightning port?

Unfortunately, wired headphones will not work through the Moment case, nor will it for other non-Apple battery cases.  To use headphones with the case we recommend to get Bluetooth headphones.

Why aren't accessories working when I plug them into the cases lightning port?

Unfortunately, accessories using the lightning port don't work with the Moment case, nor will they for any other non-Apple battery case. We recommend using Bluetooth connected accessories.

Why is pressing the shutter button on the case increasing the volume on my phone?

This is normal. In order to make the shutter button on the case works with the native camera app, we emulate the volume button in the native camera app to take a picture or to start/stop recording. When outside of the native camera app the functionality still works to increase the volume which is why you see this happening.

How do I reset my case?

Take your phone out of your case. On the inside near the bottom, there is a small hole in the case.  Using a paperclip or other small object, press the reset button in that hole. You can also watch the 4th video on the Getting Started page for step by step instructions on how to reset your case.

How do I update the firmware on my case?

First, you will want to reset the case. Then, make sure you have the latest Moment App. Then go to the Getting Started page and watch the 3rd video for step by step instructions on how to update your cases firmware. After that, your case should be updated to version 1.1.5.

My case is not updating, what do I do?

1) Take your phone out of your case
2) Delete the Moment app from your phone and reinstall it
3) Open the Moment app, go through the short walkthrough. Leave the Moment app open
4) With your phone still out of the case, plug the case into the wall
5) With your case still plugged into the wall, place your phone into your case
6) The case should now connect and you should be able to update your case software

My case is not working and the LED is flashing red and yellow, what do I do?

When this is happening, that means your case was trying to update the firmware but was disrupted.  Follow the instructions above for updating your firmware and let it completely update and this will fix the problem.

Why is my case not charging when I plug it into a power source?

If the cable being used is not an MFI (Made for iPhone) approved cable, then there is a chance that it will not work. We recommend using the Apple lightning cable that comes with your iPhone whenever possible to ensure your case and phone will charge without any hiccups. As well the case will not charge when plugged into a computer.

How do I attach a strap to my case?

We created this getting started video to show you how to use all of the Moment straps with your case. The best method to attach your strap is to grip the nylon loop tightly near the end and thread it through the strap attachment from the top.

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