Mounting Plates - how do they work?

What cases can I use with a mounting plate? 

Below is a list of the cases we have tested and prefer to use with Moment Lenses and Mounting Plates. If your case is not on this list it means that we have not been able to test it so could not tell you for certain. For the most part, a case will work with our mounting plates if it isn't super bulky (like a waterproof case or a heavy-duty case like an Otterbox), and as long as the opening around the phone camera isn't super tight (which wouldn't allow space for the plate and lens to attach). 

Spigen – Neo Hybrid
Elago – Outfit Aluminum
Elago – Outfit Matrix
Grovemade – iPhone Bumper

IPHONE 5 / 5S / SE

Apple – Leather Case
Lunatik – Seismik Suspension Frame


Apple – Standard Case


Case Mate – Slim Tough
Tech21 – Impact Tactical


Samsung – Protective Bumper
Rocketfish – Hardshell Case


Spigen Neo Hybrid

Are you selling iPhone 7 mount plates internationally?

We are permanently sold out of iPhone 7 mount plates at our international warehouse. Overall, we do not recommend using original lenses on any phones after the iPhone 6S, as our newest lenses will perform much better on the larger sensor sizes of the new phones. All of our new lenses also feature a new, improved interface on the bottom which provides a stronger connection to your phone.

If you're looking at our new Photo Case or Battery Case for iPhone 7, the best option is to also upgrade your lenses to the new system. This is the only solution that will provide the great results Moment is known for.

If you already own original lenses and don't want their value to go to waste, one option is to send in your old lenses (and they are in re-sellable condition), we'll give you a credit towards an upgrade when they arrive. To learn more about our Trade-in Program or to get started on your trade-in, click here. This page also helps answer any FAQ you may have about the program to make it even easier. 

Do you have a mounting plate for the iPhone 7 Plus?

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but we are no longer offering mounting plates for the iPhone 7 Plus. We realized that pairing the plate with those devices resulted in too many cases of vignetting to continue selling them. Definitely check out our new line of cases and lenses designed specifically for the larger sensor of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus right here.

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