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How To Use Moment’s Mobile Lenses

Why is my Wide lens getting the flare in the bottom of the image?

The M-Series Wide Lens is our most advanced, multi-element design and because of its curved surface it can generate subtle lens flare in certain lighting conditions, typically when it's hit with direct light from above or from the side - this can happen with any lens in the right lighting conditions.

Why am I getting dark corners with my Wide lens?

There are a couple things that can cause the dark corners with your lenses, so please try the following:

  1. Please make sure the case is properly installed on the phone, ensuring to push the phone up from the bottom so it sits at the top of the case. 
  2. Please make sure the lens is rotated 90 degrees. The "M" on the side of the lens should be perpendicular to the phone when it's rotated properly (for iPhone X, the (M) or 18mm will be visible on the top edge of the case).  You can watch the 1st video on the Getting Started page to see how to properly attach your lens and make sure it is attached properly.

Why am I getting small black bars on either side of my image with the Anamorphic Lens

Most likely your lens isn't correctly aligned to the orientation of the camera on the phone.

First remove your lens from the case. Next take the small allen tool and loosen the set screw located on the back edge of the bayonet (this tool is attached to the lens bag that came with the lens). Be careful to loosen the screw just enough so that the bayonet can rotate but not so loose that the screw pops out. Next rotate the bayonet 90 degrees and retighten the screw (be careful not to over tighten). The bayonet should be locked in it's new location and not move or rattle back and forth. Now mount your lens on the case, you shouldn't see those black blurs on the side of your phone any more.

Why does my screen go black when I place my Tele over my phone's tele lens or zoom in in the native camera app (dual lens systems).

The phones automatically switch back and forth between their lenses. When zooming and in various lighting situations, the phone will switch to the other lens on its own, and it's black because it's covered by the Moment lens. A way to work around this is to use the  Moment Camera App. Using our app will allow you to select the iPhone lens you want the camera to use and not automatically switch between the two. Please check out this article on how to work around this issue.

Why am I getting dark corners with my Superfish lens?

On newer phones, the optical image stabilization can cause the camera lens to move around within your phone, which will cause some very slight dark corners when using the Superfish lens.  On top of that, the larger sensor sizes of the phone cameras and any slight manufacturing tolerance differences can cause these dark corners.

How do I take off the clear plastic diffuser hood on my Macro lens?

The diffuser hood is removable. It snaps as opposed to twisting onto the phone and takes a firm grip to remove. First, you want to be sure you are at a table so the hood does not fall to the ground when removing. Grasp the hood between your thumb and pointer finger holding the base of the lens with your other hand. Twist both wrists in opposite directions at the same time and the hood will pop off easily. To put it back on center the hood and press firmly onto the lens. 

It looks like I have dust in my lens, what do I do?

This is something we see pretty commonly, and it is almost always a case of dust getting into the mounted side of the lens. When you look through the lens it will appear that there is dust inside the lens, but it is actually on the back face of the glass.  This is why we designed our Moment  Lens Pen. It's designed to help you keep your lens free of dust and keep your photos looking crisp and sharp. So try gently dusting the front and back elements.  

It looks like the front glass on my lens is scratched, what do I do?

The glass in our lenses is made from some of the highest quality cinema glass around, so it takes a lot to leave a permanent scratch.  Usually, if you see what appears to be a scratch on the glass, or sometimes a scuff on the metal.  If you are experiencing this, you should be able to just wipe it off with a cloth.

My lens has fogged up on the inside, what do I do?

This will happen from time to time if you are shooting in very wet conditions.  The lenses are not fully sealed so it is possible for moisture to get in between the glass.  The only thing you can really do is just keep the lens in a warm dry area and let the moisture evaporate.  We have also been told that putting it in a bag of rice will help suck the moisture out.

Will my flash be blocked when a lens is in use?

Yes, it will be partially blocked, so we do not recommend using the flash when a lens is attached.

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