Getting Started: Universal Gimbal Counterweight

Universal Gimbal Counterweight

Getting Started With Your Universal Gimbal Counterweight

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To get butter smooth video on your phone, you need a gimbal. Our universal counterweight makes your Osmo, Evo, and Zhiyun Gimbals better. Its adjustable design enables you to perfectly counterbalance and calibrate your case and lens setup. Get ready for ultra flowy shots and smooth cinema videos.

Why am I getting footage that looks shaky?

iPhone X, Pixel 2, Samsung S8, and newer phones
The jitters you're describing are caused by the optical image stabilizer in the iPhone X trying to counteract the motions of the Osmo. Unfortunately, no app has figured out a way of turning this off. For now, it's something you'll have to work around. We recommend trying to keep your motions as smooth as possible with the gimbal to try and alleviate this as much as possible.

Phones older than those mentioned above
The jitters you're describing are caused by the image stabilization of the phone trying to counteract the motions of the Osmo. We recommend using an app that allows you to turn this stabilization off such as the Moment App or Filmic pro. 

Why am I getting the gimbal in my shots?

The best way to make sure the gimbal is not in the corner of your shots is to shoot in "flashlight mode." This is when you tilt the gimbal forward while squeezing the Osmo's trigger and release it when the handle is sitting parallel to the ground. This will make sure the lens has a clear field of view all around it. To adjust back to the regular setting, squeeze that trigger again while moving the handle back to perpendicular to the ground. Check out this photo showing what flashlight mode looks like:

Why can't I get my Osmo Mobile to balance?

First, have you pre-balanced the Osmo when powered off with the counterweight, phone, and lens using the instructions in the counterweight box? 

Additionally, have you activated the DJI Osmo Mobile with the DJI go app? When first taken out of the box DJI requires that the Osmo be activated by a phone with the DJI go app installed. You should only have to do this once, from there on you can use the Osmo by simply turning it on with a phone using any app you wish. 

Next, the Osmo mobile has a sensor that detects whether a phone is present in the device. Sometimes under certain lighting conditions, this sensor does not sense that a phone is present by the way the light does or doesn't reflect off of our cases. The solution for this is to open the DJI Go app, connect your gimbal, and in the lower right-hand corner click the small gear to access settings. When in settings select gimbal, then scroll down to the bottom to find "mobile device check" and uncheck this slider. From now on the gimbal will power up regardless of if it senses a device. You can switch this on and off as often or as infrequently as you'd like when you have the DJI Go app open.

Lastly, if you don't have the DJI Go app installed A quick fix for this is to take a piece of colored tape and cover the small sensor where the phone mounts, this will trick the sensor so that it senses a phone is present since it's not recognizing your device. We've checked with DJI and this is perfectly ok to do and won't have detrimental effects on your Osmo.

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