When will my pre-order, backorder, or Kickstarter order ship?

When will my Pre-Order ship?
(last updated 12/10)

We aim to ship pre-orders as soon as possible, and in some cases, we are able to ship before the estimated ship date and get orders out faster. However, due to the nature of launching a new product, some delays may occur with manufacturing. Please note that pre-orders are shipped on a first come first serve basis so the sooner you get the order in the sooner your order will ship. 

Photo Case iPhone Xs Max Black
December 17-19 
Photo Case iPhone Xr Tan December 17-19
Anamorphic Lens - (Ordered on ShopMoment.com)
Ordered by Sept 26 - ships by Dec 17-19
Ordered by Nov 1 - ships by Dec 24-27
Ordered by Nov 25 - ships by Dec 31- Jan 3
Ordered after Nov 26th - ships Jan 7 - 10
*Orders will be fulfilled in the sequence of when the order was placed. 

When will my Kickstarter order ship?
(last updated 12/10) 

Kickstarter orders are first prioritized by backer level, then by the order in which they were placed. For information on ship dates, we release frequent production updates on Kickstarter and also keep this article up to date. 

Anamorphic Lens - (Ordered on Kickstarter.com) All KS orders have shipped, only ones held contain other preordered or backordered items.    

When will my Back-Order ship?
(last updated 12/10) 

Backorder restock dates are usually updated on the product page, checkout page and on your shipping invoice sent via email after the order has been placed. If there are further delays, updates will be sent to those affected. Please note that back-orders are shipped on a first come first serve basis so the sooner you get the order in the sooner your order will ship. We offer no guarantees on when your order will ship but try our best to meet the published timeline.   

Tele 58 Lens
December 17-19
Litra Rosco & Color Filter Set End of December
Langly Rope Wrist Strap (Black/Red) Beginning of January
Langly Paracord Camera Strap (Orange) Beginning of January
Lume Cube Smartphone Clip End of December

Can I split my Pre-Order or Back-Order to ship sooner? 

If you'd like, we can remove and refund the pre-ordered item manually, then you can feel free to place another order with the removed items at your earliest convenience. If you'd like to move forward with this option,  contact us

*NOTE - Backorder dates are published as a sliding window. The date may change on our site for NEW orders. If you made an existing order, the date window you saw at the time of  ordering  still applies

Do you have any shipping guarantees?
We're so sorry, but we cannot guarantee that your order will arrive by a specific date. When customers have a tight deadline, especially one that is coming soon, we always suggest that you order well in advance because we do not guarantee orders arrive by a certain date.

What does the term “business days” mean?

Business days means working days, Monday through Friday. Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays do not count as a shipping day. 

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