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Q: When will I receive my survey?
A: We'll be sending out surveys over the coming days and weeks based on your backer level. Be sure to whitelist in your email client so you don't miss your survey email!
Q: Are International Taxes Included?
A: No. Kickstarter makes it very hard to calculate taxes accurately as we have to know the actual shipping address and contents of what you order. Once the campaign is over, we’ll send you a link to complete your survey at which point taxes will be calculated and charged based on your selected shipping address and the local tax rates. You are required to pay taxes or we cannot ship out your order. Instead, we’ll provide you with a refund.
Q: Can I Expedite My Shipping?
A: Yes. After the campaign when completing the survey you will be able to upgrade and pay for faster shipping. Keep in mind this does NOT mean your gear ships earlier. We ship in the order that pledges were made. Instead this just means that when your gear is ready to ship, we will ship it faster.
We have the following shipping options available.
Next business day. 
Two business days. 
3-5 business days. 
7-10 business days.
3-5 business days 
7-10 business days
3-5 business days. 
7-10 business days.
Q: Can I add items to my order before it ships?
A: In an effort to get these products shipped out as quickly as possible, we will not be allowing customers to add items to their order before it ships. 
Q: Can I cancel my pledge before it ships?
A: You may choose to cancel your pledge at any time before it ships. However, please keep in mind that an 8% KS fee will be deducted from your overall refund. 
Q: How can I tell if the Moment Anamorphic Adapter will fit my lens?
A: If your lens’s filter size is 67mm then you can attach the adapter directly to your lens. Otherwise, you need to use the proper step-up or down ring to attach it to your lens.
Q: Is it compatible with APS-C sensors?
A: The adapter is compatible with APSC sensors using focal lengths of 35 mm and longer.
Q: Can I put this directly on my camera?
A: No, this is not an independent lens. This works as an adapter to your existing lens to give it the Anamorphic look.
Q: How heavy is the Moment Anamorphic adapter?
A: 880g / 1.94 lbs
Q: What are the best settings to use with the Moment Anamorphic Adapter?
A: You can use 4K DCI (4,096 x 2,160), UHD (3,840 x 2,160), or 1080p (1,920 x 1,080p)
Q: Do I lose any aperture stops using the Moment Anamorphic Adapter?
A: No, you do not lose any aperture stops. By placing the adapter in front of the lens you only lose a minimal amount of light through transmission through the adapter.
Q: Is this an electronic adapter?
A: No, this adapter is a manual adapter which means it needs to be manually focused. It does not offer autofocus.
Q: How do I focus with the lens?
A: You will need to set your attached lens to infinity and turn off autofocus. From there, then you will be focusing using the focus ring on the Anamorphic adapter.
Q: My footage looks slanted, how do I fix it?
A: On the Moment Anamorphic Adapter, you will need to use the quick release button which will allow for you to rotate the lens in any direction or correct the lens alignment. There is a vertical indicator that is represented as a white line on the adapter that you will need to align with the marking of the lens where you attach it to the camera body (usually a red, white, or orange marking depending on the camera manufacturer)
Q: How do I preview anamorphic footage on my camera?
A: There are two options to preview your anamorphic footage while filming.
Option A: You own a camera that has a de-squeeze option built-in i.e Panasonic GH5, GH6, S1, S5, or S1H. A Blackmagic Design cinema camera 4K, 6k, 6K Pro or URSA.
Option B: An external monitor with anamorphic tools, like Atomos Ninja V, Shinobi, SmallHD Action 5, 502, 503, 702, 702 bright etc.
Q: Do I need to de-squeeze my footage?
A: Yes, to properly view your footage, you need to de-squeeze the footage in your editing program.
Q: How can I add on more to pledge?
A: Your support means the world to us. You can purchase as many Anamorphic lenses as you’d like, or pledge any amount if you just want to help make this product a reality.
Q: When will I be sent the Backer Survey?
A: In the fall we’ll reach out to all backers to ensure we have a proper address, collect any remaining dues/taxes, and gather any information we need to safely get you your anamorphic lens adapter.
Q: I have bigger diameter lenses. How much vignetting will I see when using lenses over 67mm? Will there be example images?
A: Focal length, not filter thread size, is what impacts vignetting. See the chart on the Kickstarter page to see what focal lengths work best with our adapter.
Q: Are standard step-up rings compatible with this adapter?
A: Standard rings are compatible.
Q: How many step-up rings can I use without risking image degradation?
A: You can only use a single step-up ring. More rings change the distance from the taking lens and will impact performance. The adapter needs to be as close to the taking lens as possible.
Q: What color flares will I get using this lens?
A: Gold Flares
Q: Is this adapter dual-focus or single-focus?
A: This adapter is a single-focus setup.
Q: Will you be making a blue-flare edition?
A: We may launch a blue-flare Moment Anamorphic Adapter at a later time but not with this batch.
Q: What happens if I use the adapter on a lens that is a wider focal length than was is recommended on the compatibility chart?
A: If you use the Moment Anamorphic Adapter on a wider focal length lens than what is recommended for your sensor size then you may experience some vignetting and image distortion.
Q: Can I Pick Up My Order At The Moment Studio Or Warehouses
A: Sorry, but we can’t enable direct pickup. Our shipping logistics are highly automated, which means we can’t pull individual orders for pick up.
Q: What Is The Warranty?
A: We provide a two-year manufacturer warranty on our Moment products. You can see the full details  here
Q: Returns?
A: If for any reason you are unsatisfied, you may return your purchase within 30 days of delivery for a refund of the purchase price minus 8% Kickstarter fees. All returned items should be in their original condition. Shipping costs are not refundable. Returns are processed and refunded within 1-2 weeks of receiving the return. This includes all 3rd party products as well.

To begin your return request, click here.

Our warehouse generally processes returns within 1-2 weeks after the return is received. Returns are received and reported at the warehouse weekly on Wednesdays. Once they have received and processed your return, we will reach out to confirm your return is completed and issue a refund for the returned items.

Q: Why is International Shipping so expensive?
A: For most major countries we offer economical shipping options. However, since this item is slightly heavier than any other gear we've ever made, shipping charges are based on the order value and parcel weight. 
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