Lenses - New vs Original lenses?

What is the difference between New and Original Lenses? 

Original Lenses Are our classic lenses designed three years ago that support older devices, but still capture stunning images. The original lenses can be mounted with either a  mounting plate or our Original Case (iPhone 6/6+ only).

Our  Original Lenses are now priced at $49.99

New Lenses Our new lenses support the latest devices and include a new, improved interface on the bottom that works with our  Photo Case or our Battery Case. Of the four new lenses we offer, only the New Wide has redesigned glass. Because the new phones have a larger aperture we were forced to redesign this lens from the ground up, delivering even crisper images.

Our  New Lenses start at $89.99.

We built this page with all the grave details, but at a high level, the new lenses support the latest devices. All of them include a new, improved interface on the bottom for a stronger connection to your phone. Then out of our four lenses the Wide Lens is the only one we redesigned from the ground up to support the new devices, which all have a larger aperture. This video shows the image quality difference between the New and Original Wide Lens. 

Which lens is right for me?

 It really depends on the kind of photos you take. We have four different lenses, and each lens comes in the original version or the recently redesigned version with the updated mounting interface (New).

Superfish (170° field of view) — Original Lens and  New Lens (example photos here)
Gives a unique super wide perspective for architecture, daily life, and really great for video.

Anamorphic (2:40:1 cinemascope widescreen view) - New Lens (example video here)
The gold standard for cinematic video, providing textbook flares and shooting in true wide screen. Works for both video and photo, best when used in conjunction with the Moment App.

Wide Lens (2x as wide) —  Original Lens and New Lens (example photos here)
Great to capture epic landscapes, flat lays, and tight interior shots with no distortion. 

Tele Lens (2x as close) —  Original Lens and New Lens (example photos here)
Perfect for portraits, wildlife, and still life photos.

Macro Lens (10x as close) —  Original Lens and New Lens (example photos here)
Great for extreme close-ups of flowers, insects, and other objects with fine detail and texture.

All our lenses compliment each other well, but getting one at a time works well for many too. Our most popular lens is the Wide Lens. Hope that helps! 

Will you update the lenses again?

If it's up to us, we'll never change the existing lenses... We'd much rather make new products than completely redo all of the work we've already done. But it's not up to us, unfortunately. The phone companies change components/sizes/designs sometimes, making older versions of our gear not work well anymore. But we're committed to making you gear that does work.

So long story short, as long as they don't change the sensor size again anytime soon, you're good!

Are the lenses waterproof?

Unfortunately, our lenses are not technically waterproof. While our lenses are fairly water-tight so they can do ok if they get damp or a little wet in the rain. However they are not engineered to be fully submerged in water. Exposure to moisture can also cause them to fog up so our best advice would be to stay cautious with them around water.

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