I'm having trouble with checkout.

Why isn't your website working?

There are a couple things that we suggest trying:

1. Clear your cache on your browser. You can find instructions for your browser type online -- each is a little different.
2. Update your browser, it may be due to an old version of java script.
3. Try a different browser.
4. Try a different device. Our website is optimized for mobile and tablet as well.

If none of this works please email a screenshot of what's happening, this will allow us to get this problem fixed. 

Why isn't my zip code validating?

For whatever reason, the bank sometimes has a different zip code for your billing address than the one entered. Please try using a different card or double checking with your bank as to why this zip code isn't working.

Keep in mind you may see a purchase reflected on your credit card, but we can assure you that your card will not process the charge and it won't actually go through. 

My card was declined, what do I do?

It happens where our credit card processing company will not accept your chosen payment method. They don't give us too many details, but generally, this means there have been previous issues with fraud or chargeback abuse on the card.

As you did attempt to checkout, keep in mind you may be seeing a purchase reflected on your credit card, but I can assure you that your order has not processed and the charge didn't actually go through. 

To place an order, you will need to use a different credit card. 

The "Place Order" button isn't working, what now?

My apologies for the technical trouble! Our engineering team identified an issue that was preventing customers from clicking the "place order" button and this has been resolved now.

Here are the instructions to fix the issue:
1.  Clear your cache. Typically this is CMD+Shift+R or Ctrl+Shift+F5, but make sure to follow that link if you are having difficulty. 
2. You should now be able to complete your order
3. If that doesn't fix it, use an incognito or private browsing window to retake the survey.

How do I sign into my account?

There's no need to create an account to utilize any of our site features. After you place an order you will have the option to create an account and save your information for future orders, but everything else on our site is available without an account.

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