My order has been flagged for fraud check, what does this mean?

Due to high volumes of fraudulent charges we have received in the past, we want to make sure we are taking the steps to protect our customers as well as our company. 

We use a company called Signifyd, which reviews all orders that come through our system. If your order is flagged, it means some of the information on your order is suspicious, or that your profile matches that of a similar fraud order we've previously seen. In most cases, the system might flag your order if you are using a credit card that has a different billing address than your shipping address, or if the name on either is different than the billing details of your credit card. I hope you can understand why we're being cautious to double check that these order details are correct!

Our e-mail system and our fraud partner's system is encrypted, which means your information is safe when you send it to us. To proceed with your order we do have to verify your information. Please send us an email that includes one or both of these documents along with your order number:

1. Proper identification with proof of address (a driver's license or government issued ID)
2. Copy of credit card statement that reflects your purchase

Once a member of the team has assisted you, we will get a response within 48 hours. After which your order will automatically proceed to processing (if approved), or cancelled (if not approved).

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