What's New (version 3.10.0)

Moment iOS Version 3.10.0

Last updated 7.03.19.

We are introducing a new shooting mode...Slow Shutter.

What is slow shutter? 

It’s how you add the illusion of motion to your photography. Set your tripod, open the shutter, and stop when you have the shot. The end result is a new kind of Live Photo, that you can review on your phone and then export as a beautiful photo or short video.

Like everything we do with Pro Camera, we give you the manual control to pick your type of blur and then select how long you expose the shot. We have two kinds of image blur.

Motion Blur adds a smooth motion blur affect, it can be used to emphasize the path of moving subjects or to smooth running water.

Light trails draws streams of light coming from moving subjects in the scene; it can be used to capture trails of cars on a night highway or the chaotic path of exploding fireworks.

When you’re done, we save your images to your camera library as a Live Photo. Replay slow shutter shots, share them as single photos, or export them as short videos...all from a single file.

To access Slow Shutter, tap the Capture Mode switcher in the lower-right corner of the app and select Slow Shutter mode. 

Read more about how to use Slow Shutter mode here.

Tag your shots #shotonmoment to be featured.


Moment iOS Version 3.9.1

Last updated 6.03.19. 

This update brings a number of bug fixes, with a focus around fixing the layout on iPad.

iPad Fixes:
  • [Fixed] Capture controls are no longer off-screen
  • [Fixed] Viewfinder in video mode is no longer being cropped
  • [Fixed] Viewfinder in photo mode is now full-screen 
  • [Fixed] Hides settings irrelevant to iPad
  • [Fixed] Removes irrelevant Lens Selection menu
  • [Fixed] Disables Flash button when no physical flash available 
  • [Fixed] Gallery tabs were not centered vertically 
  • [Fixed] Higher frame rates weren't available at 720 resolution 
  • [Fixed] What's New link in Settings menu is no longer broken
  • [Performance] Reduced CPU usage by reworking the Audio Meters
  • [Fixed] Color profiles were sometimes only being applied to a portion of the frame
  • [Fixed] Crash happening at a high ISO value 

Moment iOS Version 3.9

This update is all about better focus. When asking what you want us to build next, we heard a lot of requests for more focus, so here you go.

Focus Peaking

While using manual focus, and the edges of highest contrast (and therefore most in focus) are highlighted in green. 

To enable it, go to settings and enable 'Focus Peaking'.

Zebra Stripes

We overlay stripes onto the over and underexposed areas in the viewfinder. 

To enable it, go to settings and enable either or all of 'Highlight Clipping' and 'Shadow Clipping'.

Moment iOS Version 3.8

Burst Mode

Catch the action with our new burst mode! It works with JPEG, HEIF, and RAW formats, for the highest quality snaps.

Enable it by selecting this icon on the top toolbar:

Then just hold down the shutter button to capture a stream of photos in the selected format.

New User Tutorial

New users will be given an animated tour on how to use some of the basic functions of the app. Tap on Intro Tutorial in Settings if you want to check it out.

Moment App Newsletter

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Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where recording in 4K above 30fps, or 1080p / 120fps with H.264 would actually record in HEVC.
  • Fixed an occasional bug with the viewfinder shrinking to very tiny size 🐝
  • Fixed a memory leak when using the Watch app ⌚️
  • Fixed several bugs with using the volume buttons while in the gallery 🔈

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