Travel - Payment and Refunds

Moment Travel collects payments and then passes these on to the Creator to run their own trip. 


We offer two payment options when booking a trip. 

  • Pay in Full - We charge your card for the full payment. Refunds are still available based on your specific Trip's Cancellation Policy.
  • Pay Monthly - We charge your card an equal amount every month from when you booked, up until 30 days before the trip. 


Each trip has its own cancellation and refund policy. Please refer to the trip you booked for details. In general we provide refunds based on when your trip was booked and when it runs. As the trip gets closer the Creator does have costs they cover, which is why the refund policy can vary per trip.  Generally you calculate your refund per trip based on...

  • What you paid.
  • Less 3% (see refund fees)
  • Less non-refundable deposit (listed on the trip page)
  • Less non-refundable amount (depends on how far out your trip is)
  • = your refund. 

A hypothetical example...

  • $1,000 trip.
  • Less $30
  • Less $250 deposit.
  • Less $250 (because you cancelled close to the trip)
  • = $470.

Refund Fees

Regardless of the amounts refundable, credit card fees (about 3%) are non-refundable. The banks charge us the 3% regardless and we pass this on to the customer. It's frustrating, but it's what we're being charged for a refund. 

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